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My Weightloss Story

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Not long ago I had an unhealthy weight that I was carrying around. I was 242 pounds in Feb 2016. It wasn't a pleasant feeling. I had to hold my breath to tie my work boots


I was addicted to Donut Shop Coffee, Donuts, Starbucks, Del Taco, and Taco Bell. You name it. If it was fast food, I was all in. I also had craving for sweets. Cheesecake was my favorite and those California brittle toffee candies from See's Candy with the chocolate and nuts on the outside.

Back in my early 20's I was diagnose with High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. I didn't know better at that time but I took my doctor's advice and took both meds, 40 mg of Atorvastatin for the cholesterol and 5/20mg of Amlodipine/Benazepril for the high blood pressure. 26 years I poisoned myself with those meds and I wanted off of them.

Then in April 28th 2016, I had come across a picture of this guy Pat Hamer who had lost about 52 pounds from drinking one cup of coffee per day.

I couldn't believe my eyes! He lost weight by drinking one cup of coffee a day?? So, without hesitating, I had to try this. I bought my SlimROAST Coffee by taking a pre-enrollee tour. I joined. It’s only $20.00 one-time fee and the cost of a box of coffee. So total was around 87 dollars. I started taking the SlimROAST coffee every day for a week and lost 8 pounds! I couldn't believe it. I thought my scale was broken. The following week I had stumbled on a video called the 12-n-24 Lifestyle Plan.

 Along with the Slim Roast I then ordered the Trim and the Immune Boost and started with that plan. It's now been shy of 2 months and I have lost 21 pounds.

I now crave healthy food. My cravings for sugar have disappeared. My appetite is curved tremendously. I do little exercise now. I feel great! I no longer take my meds. If you're looking to lose weight, I highly recommend the products from Valentus. They work!

Some History - 
Since Valentus came out with the Weight Loss coffee called Slim Roast last April. (2015)
Our first $500,000 revenue month was Dec just 8 months later. Our first $1Mill Dollar month was 2 months later. Our first $2Mill Dollar month was just 2 months later and our first $3Mill dollar revenue month was just 1 month later in May 2016.

Projecting to hit $6Mill a month by years end. As you can tell we are growing very rapidly and have people earning very serious income along with thousands getting results from our product.

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We're actually in a pre-momentum stage. In our business it's called a "sweet spot" where all companies dream of being but very few attain.

80% of the world drinks coffee and 60% of the world is overweight. It's the simplest thing I've ever been a part of. Take the tour to learn more at

All the Best,
Ruby with Valentus
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